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Politique étrangère Algérie- Zeghlami Laid ( I/II)

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© Laeed Zaghlami, 2017 (Extrait de “The Routledge Handbook of Soft Power”,Edited by Naren Chitty, Li Ji, Gary D. Rawnsley, Craig Hayden. EXTRAITS. Pour accéder à toute la communication, contacter lzaghlami@gmail.


Globalization, technological digitization, public diplomacy and soft power concepts have

gained global prominence. However, it is hard to promote soft power approaches when

others are determined to pursue their national interests by being ready to launch military

offensives. But Algeria, as has been shown in this chapter, learnt from its revolution, and

again in the 1990s when she fought alone against violence and terrorism. So the country

tries to combine the appropriate use of both soft and hard power.

In the Malian crisis, the country has been building up soft power potentialities and

assets to convince different belligerents to ratify a peace agreement. In its fi ghting of

terrorism, the country seems determined to wipe out all sources of fanaticism, radicalism

and violence. On this issue, Algeria has been investing in the international arena

to convince other countries of the need for the criminalization of ransom. It also supports

efforts to develop distinct defi nitions for terrorism and resistance that differentiate

between the two.

While international actors rely increasingly on soft power tools to achieve peaceful

and productive relations in the context of world politics, economics and culture, many

countries tend to amplify their voices through the greater use of hard power. So how

should a state react to and deal with such a paradoxical situation? The answer may arise

out of common sense; current struggles against transnational terrorism should be struggles

to win people’s hearts and minds. After all, over- reliance on hard power alone is not

the path to success, and public diplomacy should be used as a tool in the smart power

arsenal (Nye 2011 ). Equally smart public diplomacy requires a better understanding of

the roles of credibility, self- criticism and civil society in generating soft power. The smart

power concept is the rational approach to place together hard and soft power resources in

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order to achieve desired outcomes on the world stage. Ultimately, smart power is the ability

to use the right combination of both soft and hard power depending on the national

and international context.


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